Since 2017, Schoolskills project has become a logical continuation of our educational robotics development project in Technology lessons - Robotolab. How to briefly describe what a project is today?

We combined in a single solution:

consulting and educational proposals for teachers and school leaders for the active implementation and development of early vocational guidance and vocational training for schoolchildren in schools, studying modern digital technologies and future professions as part of basic, additional education and extracurricular activities;
the formation on the basis of the educational organization of the Federal experimental platform for the study of new technologies;
provision of the schoolskills project’s own motivational base to involve schoolchildren of educational organizations from 7 to 17 years in the form of a wide range of events (festivals, championships, competitions), engineering shifts in federal camps, participation in specially designed project formats;
Observance of the principles of the expediency of the interaction of all project participants active life and social position of the Project.

We offer:

organize the training of schoolchildren in new technologies at the lessons of Technology;
Provide ALL schoolchildren with more information about new technologies;
school and schoolchildren themselves choose New technologies for learning and testing;
we propose to create and develop the “Successful Man” community at school.